Creating high performing teams

Enhance your operations with the bespoke staff training services from Becky Warnes Consultancy. Over 20 years sales and sales team management experience enables Becky to share her insights and learnings with you and your teams to create robust strategies and effective campaigns.

Bespoke Staff Training Services

Experienced in corporate training, coaching and mentoring, Becky Warnes Consultancy is able to develop solutions that meet your organisation’s needs.
Develop high-performing teams that generate value-focused solutions and build the right relationships

Executive Development

Understand how to manage organisational objectives and workforce. How to develop solid commercial strategies that create value for shareholders and customers, whilst also keeping staff motivated. Learn the secret behind creating a high-performing team

KAM Excellence

Train and develop your most valuable employees. Through a programme tailored to your business and your customer’s environment, we can support KAM development and help your organisation create high-performingg teams

Managing Projects

Project or Programme? Agile or Waterfall? Lean or Six Sigma? The approach you take to project management determines the success of your work and reputation. Let us guide you through the waffle and train your teams to deliver results that add value.

Additional Services

Standardised training solutions
that support your staff to deliver value

Quality Improvement

A classroom-based highly interactive workshop using Lean Six Sigma methodologies to identify waste and variation in the process.

How to process map

Using Value Stream Mapping techniques to follow system and process flows. Looking at how to identify interactions and pinch points in service or product delivery.

Continuous Improvement

Learn how Kaizen or continuous improvement methodologies can support your business, whilst reinforcing cultural aims and values, and creating safe environments for your team to grow.

Customer Engagement

Understand your customer. How to identify and best engage with stakeholders on a national and local level. This course aims to give sales teams the skills and confidence to work effectively with key customers.

System Thinking

This course aims to give learners the basic skills to apply systems thinking approach to their day job, whether that be in operational or frontline roles.

Setting KPIs

This course looks at what metrics should be used to motivate and develop high-performing sales teams. It encourages group discussion and practical solutions.