Expert in sales strategy design and implementation

Creating unique industry-leading sales strategies with expert consultancy services from Becky Warnes Consultancy.

Becky helps organisations drive sales by designing innovative and sustainable solutions that create efficiencies in your operating models and value for your customers

Within twelve months of founding her consultancy, Becky won the prestigious “Best Independent Business Consultant (UK)” award for 2022. In understanding your objectives, your people and your customer base, Becky develops bespoke proposals that empower your staff to manage change. She is keen to embrace digital technology to increase value creation; developing sustainable business models that support growth and outcomes for all. Based in Plymouth, Becky Warnes Consultancy provides expert services to clients throughout the UK and beyond. Contact Becky Warnes Consultancy today for an informal chat about how she can support your business.


What does success look like to your entire organisation?

Understanding the bigger picture to design solutions that make a difference.


What can your people contribute to your organisation’s value proposition? Collaborating and being part of an inclusive high-performance team that utilises everyone’s unique skills.


How can we develop people and systems that make a difference? Thinking out of the box to boldly create opportunities that allow your organisation to excel at customer satisfaction.

Professionally accredited

Hands-on approach

Experience in multiple industries

Welcome to Becky Warnes Consulting

Becky Warnes is an innovative business consultant with a collaborative approach to leading your business to higher performance, improved outcomes and better Return On Investment.

Becky Warnes has years of experience working across several industries: MOD, financial services, manufacturing and more recently, pharmaceuticals and the NHS. She has a passion for creating successful teams, growing brands, and
smashing sales targets.

From understanding your status quo, defining needs, goal setting and implementing change and improvements, to supporting your team members, Becky excels at working with your business to increase your profitability.

Becky has a background in commercial and operations management, project management, and training and performance for market-leading corporations.

Becky’s approach

Becky Warnes is committed to assisting her clients to achieve greater internal and external alignment, streamline processes, increase commercial acumen, and develop high-performance teams. A qualified project manager and quality improvement specialist, Becky uses her expertise to develop robust change initiatives.

Becky works to meet the needs of customers from any sector or industry. Becky provides a service that she guarantees will deliver results as well as develop your people and business.

The needs of customers and employees are the driving force behind any change. It drives Becky to work hard to understand the needs and priorities of all stakeholders and to ensure that end users are involved in change. That could be complete system re-designs, the adoption of new technologies, or simply a more efficient way of delivering a service

Being your authentic self allows you to bring your best game to the table. By creating a safe space, everyone can voice their ideas, thoughts, and opinions so that we create an incubator for innovation and change. “My worth is the value that I can bring to my client’s organisation, and it is based on the outcomes that I facilitate. My experience and success empower me to lead my clients more confidently and purposefully.”